our mission

To make the world safer, by improving Cybersecurity professionals’ skills and readiness through a winning combination of gamification, immersive simulation and unique learning culture

Practice Makes Perfect

Train your team in a relevant, engaging and safe simulated environment, containing various
infrastructures, while solving real-life problems.

Learning by Playing
Our tailor-made gaming elements provide an unmatched learning environment for both trainees and trainers
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Our unique implementation of challenges, scores, badges and leaderboards, motivates students to achieve their educational goals and highlights their strengths. The creative storyline and training space maximizes training immersion and encourages students' out-of-the-box thinking. The instant-feedback in our platform drives prompt behavioral change in each student and shapes a steep learning curve.

We believe in learning with a smile.
For us at Cympire
It’s fun getting better!

The Cyber domain is an operational arena just like air, sea or land.
This challenging arena requires implementation of operational skills concepts and principles.
    Be prepared! Master your missions, means and combat doctrine and know your enemy
    Your cyber tools are your weapon-systems. Give your troops hands-on certification in using them.
    The Cyber domain is a fast-evolving arena, reveling new threats and attack tactics every day, followed by improved defense systems designed to counter them. Stay up-to-date, know the latest threats and train against them continuously.
    Close the wide gap between theoretical knowledge and hands-on skills
Our products fit wide variety of customer needs
  • Education & Training
  • Enterprise
  • HR
  • Government & Military
  • Cyber Insurance
Inbal PearlsonProgram Manager, HackingPoint

Check Point Education Services selected Cympire’s SPARTA platform to operate our Cyber Range. This solution met all our needs and beyond among the other platforms we’ve evaluated. The flexible infrastructure allows us to offer a variety of trainings at reasonable prices.

Dr. Avi GinzburgHead of Professional Program for Cyber Security

Using Cympire's SPARTA platform allows us to enhance our academic cyber education to a new level. Training with SPARTA gives the students the depth needed with practical training. The students get a chance to practice what they have learnt hands-on and have fun while doing so

Eyal ArditiCyber Security Products Manager

SPARTA quickly became a valuable part of the BSW training platform within our cybertech academies. The challenging and creative training campaigns are highly enjoyed by our students and most appreciated by clients

Assi BarakResearch Director and SW Group Manager

Cympire's fully gamified platform supports both red and blue cyber challenges which is a great fit for our training needs. We consider training an essential complimentary activity to any cyber studies