Why adopt CyWARIA?

CyWARIA allows students to gain practical experience and confront real cyber attacks before they enter the workforce. Whether as a method of training or assessment, CyWaria offers universities and colleges an attractive offering covering a wide range of cyber threats.

CyWaria is used by leading academic institutions on five continents. Its vast catalog of training materials adds proven value to any cyber security program. 

With CyWaria you will:

Give your students invaluable hands-on experience
Build a practical training syllabus perfectly fitted to your syllabus
Gain students excitement and satisfaction thanks to engaging gamification
Glean a clear picture of each student’s level in every cyber topic
Maintain a personal record for each student with achievements and lessons learned
Win a unique competitive advantage over other cyber academies


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Head of Professional Program of Cyber Security, Technion

“Using Cympire's platform allows us to take our academic cyber education to a new level. The students get a chance to practice what they have learned hands-on and have fun while doing so”


Co-Founder of CyberPro

“The challenging and creative training campaigns are highly enjoyed by our students and truly improve their learning”


Director of Cyber Security of KPMG

“KPMG sees hands-on training as an inherent part of a company’s cybersecurity posture and consequently a valuable addition to the KPMG services portfolio. We have chosen Cympire as our global cyber training platform and have great confidence in the Cympire platform. Cympire allows companies to train effectively without interrupting day to day operations which is highly valued by our clients ”


Program Manager of HackingPoint

“We have chosen Cympire to power our Cyber Range as it is the best cloud-native Cyber Range we could imagine. Cympire’s gamified user experience alongside the very serious and current Cyber content was of great value to participants’ learning, while being exciting and fun”

Our Clients

They trust our cyber security training & assessment platform.

Our clients have chosen to improve their cyber resilience thanks to the continuous training in our cyber range.

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