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Why Cybersecurity Training Must Continue for Professionals

/ Jan 27, 2022

Cybersecurity training is essential for all professionals. Cyber threats lurk everywhere, with cybercriminals only growing in number and ability. Experts must engage in continuous training to keep up.

Today we'll break down just why this training is so important and some of the ways to make it easier for you and those you are responsible for.

The Issue With Digital Skill Gaps

There are many reasons hacks are so frequent and often quite successful. One of the most important is the frequency of digital skill gaps.

The skill gap between cybersecurity teams and attackers is one that needs to be monitored. It's easy for cybersecurity teams to grow complacent; hacks can be infrequent and they may feel like they have enough expertise with their cyber security systems to resist them.

However, cybercriminals are bad actors whose job is often to undermine security systems, , infiltrate those systems of companies, and then exploit what is found for profit. They are always learning and always evolving, sharing their intelligence when prudent

Major companies have cybersecurity teams yet these companies and other large organizations see frequent, massive data breaches, ransomware attacks, and other successful cyberattacks.

Cybercriminals seek out weaknesses to exploit when performing an attack. Yes, employees must learn the basics, but cybersecurity teams must also stay vigilant and must always evolve.

Inexpensive cyberattacks can do significant financial damage to unprepared companies. As attackers devote more resources to the attack, the chances of success and the potential cost to your company also begin to spike up.

Cybercrime is an asynchronous game where your company has far more to lose than the attackers. The good news is actively keeping your team prepared also tends to ward off even well-executed attacks.

Even Experts Fall Behind

Too often, cybersecurity teams are giving those employing or contracting them a false sense of security. Whilst most know the basics, many fall behind when it comes to evolving technology.
The field of digital technology has an explosive evolution rate compared to many other fields.

Unfortunately, this also means there is an eternal arms race between security and cybercriminals.
Your cybersecurity team needs to know more than those basics. They need to know about common software vulnerabilities, who is authorised  access, and exactly what they are authorised for, how to react quickly to signs of attack, and so much more.

It is important team managers focus on the human element when it comes to cybersecurity. No amount of hardware and software can make up for a lack of skill on the part of one's security team.
As we touched on, best practices change over time. Your team needs to regularly update and practice their knowledge to stay prepared.

Hacks Are Expensive

Combined with the above, it also needs to be acknowledged that hacks have the potential to destroy companies. They can halt business, ruin client trust, and result in lawsuits all at once.

Consider the Equifax breach. The settlement on that case resulted in up to $425 million to help those affected, on top of huge legal fees, on top of the almost complete loss of faith in the company's ability to secure information.

While the scale of that breach is somewhat unique, the result isn't. Healthcare companies have seen numerous such attacks with similar results.

Some attacks can also be legitimately dangerous to clients. Hospitals have been hamstrung by ransomware shutting down their systems, forcing them to provide lesser care and turn people away.
Even devices like pacemakers have been shown to be vulnerable to attack, proving a dedicated cybercriminal could kill vulnerable patients should they have the will to. All it would take is changing the device's settings to those somewhat outside the norm.

How Do We Protect Ourselves?

If hacks are frequent and have the potential to be catastrophic, how does an organization protect itself? The answer is multi-stage.

First, any organization that hasn't done so should find a way to get a cybersecurity assessment. This assessment is somewhat self-explanatory; it is a thorough check of your team's ability to resolve various security challenges.

Once weaknesses in your team's skill set are found, they need to be corrected. Remember that cybersecurity is about having a strong chain; if one link is weak, cybercriminals will find it and exploit it.

The value of testing is that it allows a team manager to see where their team is lacking, meaning time isn't wasted training on areas where the team is already capable. Efforts can be focused on problem areas.

The average response time to detect  & contain a data breach is around 287 days. This is inadequate and shows the average security team is ill-prepared for cyberthreats.

Proper training can sharply reduce the time it takes for your team to detect and respond to threats. In turn, this will reduce the potential damage those attacks can have (and may mitigate the damage entirely).

Where We Can Help

At Cympire, our goal is to provide continuously refreshed  interactive, gamified ways to train professionals in cybersecurity. We can and have helped government agencies, academies, private businesses, and more.

This is all done through Cywaria, a fully cloud-based, serverless, SaaS cyber range. It is a gamified replica of a normal work environment designed to teach essential cybersecurity skills in an engaging, thought provoking way.

Traditional learning approaches are outdated and have been for decades. People learn better when engaged; the more complex the material, the more valuable that engagement is.

Cywaria is the cybersecurity training platform designed to prepare your team for the latest cyberthreats. It's also customizable, so your cybersecurity team can focus on what's going to be most relevant in their day-to-day.

Try Our Cybersecurity Training

Cybersecurity training doesn't need to be tedious. You can teach critical skills in ways that are engaging and even fun. As technology evolves so too should the way we learn.

It’s time to see how your team can benefit from the Cywaria experience,Simply click here to schedule a demo. We know our training solution is unique, but don't take our word on it. Try it, and see what it can do for your team, so you can make an informed decision.



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