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Cympire Executes the National Cyber Week Cyber Challenge

Cyber Week Cyber Challenge

Tel Aviv, Israel – Cympire, a leading provider of cyber training solutions executes the 2018 National Cyber Week Cyber Challenge. The Cyber Week Challenge was comprised of two parts. A qualifying round that ran online between May 14-20 filtered 30 teams of cyber enthusiasts who qualified for the final challenge. The final round took place during the 2018 Cyber Week in Tel-Aviv University, and saw the 30 qualifying teams compete for fame, glory, and a grand prize!

The qualifying round and final challenge were both executed on Cympire’s advanced cyber training and simulation platform – SPARTA. The flexible, fully gamified platform allows running any level of cyber technique in a safe virtual network. In the qualifying round participants played a city SOC trying to stop a sophisticated cyber bank robbery. The campaign titled “Cath Me If You Can” saw the players cope with smart-city manipulation, a self-driving getaway car, encoded messages and more.

In the final challenge the players were drafted to a special cyber task force coping with a “cyber-jacked” Boeing 787 in the campaign titled “Entebbe 2.0”. While cooperating with Mossad agents on the ground the players had six hours to track the ISIS hijackers’ tracks and disable the takeover before the passenger-full plane crashes in the center of Tel-Aviv. Web Crawling, Crypto Algorithms, Data Analysis and Reversing were just some of the capabilities players were required to demonstrate. At the end of the day team “BAM” emerged victorious, with teams “JCTF” and “Leme Hash” following at second and third place respectively.