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Cympire Introduces Check Point Cyber Range Scenarios at RSA

SPARTA Mission Srceen

San Francisco, CA Cympire, provider of advanced cyber training platforms, and Check Point, a leading global provider of cyber security solutions, will be demonstrating the power of the newly launched Check Point Cyber Range at the 2019 RSA Conference in San Francisco. Following the Cyber Range unveiling at CPX 360 earlier this year, RSA conference participants can get a taste of the advanced cyber-attack scenarios available within the Cyber Range. The Check Point Cyber Range is powered by Cympire’s SPARTA platform – a cloud native, flexible, fully gamified cyber simulator.

In order to encourage RSA attendees to pick up the challenge, Check Point will be offering free Certification extensions to everyone who completes the challenge, as well as Amazon gift cards to the winners. In order to participate attendees are invited to the Check Point booth N 6079 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, during the RSA conference March 4-8, 2019.

“There was amazing buzz around the Cyber Challenges we executed in the three CPX 360 conferences last month”, said Ophir Bear, Cympire Co-Founder and CEO. “We expect even more interest during RSA as the market quickly learns the advantages of cloud based Cyber Ranges for gaining cyber security  skills and experience hands-on, something you just cannot do over your operational network. Cyber Ranges are without doubt the future and we continue to lead the exploration of this new frontier”. “We chose an intro level scenario for RSA so that anyone with basic Ethical Hacking knowledge could get a taste of SPARTA, and to deliver the “Hacking-Point” message of cyber security  training available for every level – novice to expert”, said Tamir Goren, Cympire Co-Founder and VP Product. “We hope people will enjoy the experience and then come back for more training via the Check Point Cyber Range or directly through us. Our end goal as always is to make the cyber world safer by making cyber security  professionals better at what they do”.