May 19th, 2020

Cympire, a provider of next generation cyber training platforms, and ISE Systems, a leading French IT and Cybersecurity consulting services provider, have signed a Reseller agreement allowing ISE to sell Cympire’s cloud-based Cywaria platform in France. ISE Systems will include hands-on scenarios on the Cywaria platform as part of its cybersecurity courses offered to leading enterprises such as Orange, Bpifrance and Faurecia.

“We are managing a number of Cyber Range solutions for many years. The fully cloudified Cywaria challenge & training platform with the immersive true-to-life and gamified user-experience create a perfect and amazing value-add to any organization that needs to evaluate, train and maintain the skills of cybersecurity and IT personnel”, said Mickael Attias, CEO of Ise Systems. We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship with Cympire”.

“We couldn’t ask for a better partner to bring the word of cloud-based cybersecurity challenge & training to the French market”, said Yaniv Shachar, Cympire’s CEO. “Ise Systems is well connected to leading organizations in the French market and are super experienced when it comes to cybersecurity skills development. We are confident we will gain from this collaboration just as much as ISE’s customers”. 

About Cympire

Cympire Ltd. was founded in 2018 by Cyber, Simulation, Training and Gaming experts. From Our offices in Tel Aviv we aim to disrupt the Cyber training world.  Our target verticals include large enterprises, financial institutions, Cyber security vendors and more. We are already deployed with commercial, governmental, and academic institutions as well as a world leading Cyber Security company.

Our platform – Cywaria – is an advanced, flexible, gamified Cyber Range that simulates any scenario, network typology or IT system. We run defense and attack scenarios tapping to the latest cyber threats and using the most advanced Cyber defensive tools. Our platform is Cloud native, which provides unlimited scale and accessibility. 

About ISE Systems Ltd.

Ise Systems is a French consulting company, specialized in Data Governance and Cyber security, providing high level expertise services to implement customer’s Data and Security vision.

Since 2013, ISE Systems has been providing Data & Security consulting services to global companies in the fields of finance, government, hi-tech, communications and utilities. The Ise Systems team is made up of some of most talented Data, Cyber experts and security researchers, who work together with intelligence and law enforcement organizations to help our customers to increase they  cyber “people knowledge” and to protect their assets.