Why Choose Cympire for Cyber Training?

Our mission at Cympire is to help you improve your organization’s cybersecurity skills and readiness by providing top-notch hands-on training for your IT professionals on Cympire’s cyber range platform. Having mission-ready cybersecurity professionals will allow your company to have the resources to counteract tomorrow’s cyber threats.

If you’re looking to improve the cyber resilience of your organization, you’ve come to the right place. With our cloud-based SaaS cyber range, you get to provide a platform where your employees can train on various cybersecurity scenarios, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and reaction speed against threats over time.

All trainees are subjected to an entirely gamified environment that mimics their own working environment. Professionals can train while using a vast number of integrated cyber defensive tools to minimize their response time under fire.

Cympire presents you with a vast choice of existing cyber training scenarios. Our catalog is constantly updated reflecting the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities for your team to train on. Feeling creative? Build your own training scenarios using Cympire’s drag-and-drop Campaign Studio. Support your team in real time or set up training for them in advance in both single and multi-trainee mode.

Advantages of Our Cybersecurity Training and Assessment Platform

Our cyber range platform at Cympire can provide your organization with the following benefits:
  • Accessible cybersecurity training: We offer a unique cyber simulation platform that is accessible 24/7 from anywhere with nothing more than an internet browser.
  • In-depth customization: Cympire’s Campaign Studio allows users to create and customize their own cybersecurity training scenarios.
  • Highly scalable training: Train as many individuals as you want simultaneously on different training scenarios. Create multiple sub-tenants to handle your teams or customers.
  • Professional expertise: Leverage the cybersecurity experience and expertise of our Content and R&D teams at Cympire.
  • Personalized customer support: Take advantage of our onboarding session so you can familiarize yourself with our platform and stay updated on our latest features and campaigns.
  • White-labeled solutions: Integrate your branding on our cyber range platform so you can maintain consistency with your team or customers.

Start Leveraging the Most Advanced Cyber Range Today

At Cympire, we believe that increasing the cybersecurity knowledge and skills of cyber professionals is the key to a safer organization. Use our platform to improve the information security processes of your team and learn to detect potential threats.

If you’re interested in the capabilities of our cyber simulation platform, then book a demo to see how you can leverage the most advanced cyber range to meet your needs


Unique cloud-based cyber simulation platform that allows cyber professionals to practice their defensive skills and improve their response time to real-life cyber attacks that threaten their enterprise or business from the comfort of their home or office. No hardware, no installation, simple plug-and-play solution outside of your operational environment.

Pick a training scenario from our catalog or customize your own. With Cympire’s Campaign Studio, our partners and customers can create their own scenarios - starting from the creative backstory all the way to Network Topology, cyber-defensive tools and attack orchestration.

Train as many trainees as you want simultaneously on one or different scenarios. Create multiple sub-tenants to manage your customers or teams. Partners can monitor progress and usage, as well as communicate with each customer through the platform.

Take advantage of our team's cyber expertise. Cympire´s Content and R&D teams demonstrate long professional backgrounds in military and civilian cybersecurity units having faced the most emerging threats. Their experience and continued research inspires our training scenarios.

Benefit from an onboarding session with our team to get you comfortable with the platform before you get started. Take advantage of our support team and stay up to date with our monthly webinars that highlight new features and campaigns.

Our platform has the option of branding integration, allowing your company to maintain consistency of your brand with your clients/customers.