Cywaria is a flexible system that can be deployed in any required method.


Cywaria was built for the cloud! Using the cloud option provides immediate access to Cywaria’s advanced cyber security training with nothing needed but an Internet browser.
This allows organizations small and large to enjoy Cywaria’s benefits without the need to invest in complex and expensive Hardware deployment.
Cywaria cloud is accessible from anywhere at any time with no limit on the number of concurrent users.


Need to have Cywaria within your walls for security or other considerations?
No problem!
Cywaria can be deployed on premise. Based on your requirements (number of concurrent users, volume of content etc’) we will suit you up with the relevant hardware setup and you will be good to go.
The on-prem installation may work completely offline, while still enjoying Cywaria’s superior flexibility, training quality and user-engagement.


Private cloud gives you the best of both worlds-enhanced security and control as with on-prem deployments, along with cloud accessibility and scale.
If your organization maintains a private cloud Cywaria can be deployed on that cloud providing access to relevant team members from any company location.
The functionality is similar to public cloud except that the platform is running strictly within your private cloud’s “closed garden”.